What are the benefits of using Google Glasses ?

What are the benefits of using Google Glasses ?

Indeed, this is a question worth pondering over given that the invention presents an alarming indication that the future is here already, and about to get more futuristic. What do we do with a device that virtually eliminates conversations with strangers? When the subway is blocked (refer to the You Tube video on Google Glass), you don’t need to ask a passerby for information on alternate routes. How do we make best use of something that you can use to know in an instant the calorie content of your burger, the background info on a person, the food habits of a particular breed of dog and the price of a sweater someone is wearing? Or, for that matter, videotape your entire day and schedule reminders and follow up on them? And all this by merely looking with your eyes!

Google Glasses are supposed to be worn above the eye – they look like ‘some kind of glasses’ and present an augmented reality without impeding normal vision. Augmented reality is a term used to describe the process of placing computer generated images using the space in front of the eyes for a screen. At present the Glasses cost $1,500, and you will need to write something impressive about them and have Google like it, to be eligible to pay for a pair. Soon enough, we may expect them to flood the market with a less hefty price tag and more features. The Glasses are operated by eye movements and, in some cases, by a slight nodding of the head.

Leaving aside for a moment the vision of a possible future that shows people walking down the road like robots and bobbing their heads and squinting to glean information, such mobile computing can actually benefit us in an innumerable number of ways. Google claims that this will be a device to be used as and when necessary instead of being a regular piece of equipment like the wristwatch.



Let’s sort out our thoughts on the matter by listing a few possible benefits

For business conferences, Google Glasses could mean instant conversation with people across the globe with all necessary data instantly accessible merely by looking for it. Sharing was never easier, and suddenly, the act of pulling out a mobile phone or tab, or, God forbid, an ‘ungainly’ laptop seems so primitive, shall we say? Cumbersome, at least?

In complicated operating procedures where surgeons need to consult with each other even when not in physical proximity, a real time hands free sharing that can pull up any data and all precedents without batting an extra eyelid does seem more than promising!

Google Glasses could mean a whole new era for the next generation of Travelogues, especially if you are composing it for a ready audience on one of your favorite social networking sites. It would be like having an entire film production unit accompanying you at all times. Compose with as much or as little text, video and image as you want, and invite and incorporate viewer / reader interaction all at the same time.

Imagine a distance education class where communication is instant, vivid, exceptionally informative, and as mobile as you want to make it. Do NOT, however, imagine an examination hall where Google Glasses are providing the easy way out to examinees!

If you are a research student, you can spend as much time as you wish absorbing information for further analysis when you desire. It will not matter whether you are in a crowded train, or attending a boring party where, nevertheless, it would be rude to study with a tab.

Stock market enthusiasts would be able to further indulge in their passion (or obsession), or stay relaxed and spend more time with their family if they want to.

DIY projects at home need never be an annoyance again when you fail to decipher the manual. Just seek more information, or work with a live company representative.

Call Center Tech Support employees will have less trouble explaining to their customers how to put Windows on Standby mode or how to find the USB and Ethernet Ports.

If we can avoid being creepy in social interactions where the person opposite always feels that they are being photographed or video-taped or researched, Google Glasses show a very bright future to information dissemination as well as entertainment. Let’s not even talk about the boom the adult entertainment industry is likely to face! With normal, social civility maintained, Google Glasses promise to be immensely beneficial indeed. We should have the skeptics have their say, if only to foresee possible problems and make this project even better than it promises to be.


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