Benefits Of Smartphone Carbon Fiber Skins

Your Galaxy Nexus promotes your style and good sense, but don’t let it stop there. No other product allows you to display the unique, cutting edge design of your phone while expressing your personal and protecting your investment like carbon fiber skins. Love the look of your phone and feel confident that it is protected. (Information on Galaxy Nexus)

Carbon fiber skin is a beautifully textured film in a sleek woven pattern made from superior grade, official 3M vinyl. The durable film is applies to the device dryly and firmly without leaving any residue. This cutting edge vinyl can be removed and applied endlessly, and can be counted on to consistently protect your phone without rolling or peeling through each application. The durability provided by the superior grade and quality of carbon fiber skins means the protection of your phone can be the last thing on your mind.

carbon fiber skin

Custom designed to fit your phone, carbon fiber skins perfectly follow every curve while seamlessly allowing access to your touchscreen and ports. The skins are meticulously and painstakingly measured to fit the Galaxy Nexus, ensuring an impeccable fit. You simply will not find more durable, stylish, and nuanced protection anywhere else.The look and feel of woven carbon fiber compliments and enhances the design of your device, accenting and personalizing the look of the phone without hiding its trim, modern shape. Carbon fiber skin has the unique ability to customize your phone while preserving the original carefully-engineered shape of your device.


Unlike bulky rubber or hard plastic covers, carbon fiber skin is as sleek and stylish as it is fiercely strong. Thin printed vinyl covers may give you the personalized look you are after, but lack the texture and strength of carbon fiber skins, and allow scratches to penetrate and damage your device. There is really no better way to get everything you want in a cell phone cover than a carbon fiber skin. Normally you need to sacrifice expression for protection, but with carbon fiber, you do not need to make any compromises. You can simply have a beautiful, safely protected device that expresses your unique style.


An array of tastefully selected, on-trend and vibrant colors means there is a Galaxy Nexus carbon fiber skin to delight any palette, from classic black to crisp white and everywhere in between. To make your phone truly your own, mix and match skin colors so your look will always feel fresh. There are many covers available for the Galaxy Nexus, but only carbon fiber skin covers offer you amazing ways to customize your phone using superior grade, official 3M vinyl. Confidently and stylishly protect your phone with Galaxy Nexus carbon fiber skin.