Do you ever perform basic ADSL2+ troubleshooting steps before calling your ISP ?  The first step most people do when their Internet stops working is to call their Internet service provider. Example : BSNL, Optus, Big Pond, AT&T etc. In some cases , the issue is not even related to ISP. It could be a  ‘No Browsing’  issue caused by your browser, Network Settings, Modem or just a faulty filter.

So how do we find out whats going wrong?  Is it just an issue with our equipments or  ISP.  Just follow the below mentioned steps and find the answer by yourself.


Basic Adsl2+ Troubleshooting Steps

  • Check the lights on your modem(  ADSL and Internet Light ).  A solid DSL light would indicate that the  modem is connected to ISP whereas a flashing Internet / Activity light along with a stable dsl light would mean your modem is connected and the internet is working fine.


Case 1

If there is no DSL light or if the DSL light is flashing then, 

Check the cables and see if they are connected properly.  The telephone cable (thin grey or white cable) coming out from your ADSL2  modem would be possibly connected to a filter / Splitter.  Make sure the cable is connected to the correct port. The below diagram would explain things in a simpler manner.


Modem setup


If you find that all the cables are correctly plugged in then try isolation test. i.e Connect the telephone cable directly from the modem to the wall socket

modem and wall socket

If DSL light still continues to flash or is off, Then unplug all the devices like printer, Fax, Foxtel ,Austar , Back to Base Alarm or Security Alarm and make sure that the telephone cables are all unplugged from other sockets too. Once everything is unplugged, check the DSL light. If its stable, your problem is resolved and if Not then,

Connect the modem on an alternate telephone socket with the telephone cable directly plugged in to the wall socket.   If still no luck then factory reset the modem and check for the dsl light, If it comes back, well and good if not then, Its time to contact your ISP or even you can test another modem and then contact ISP


Case 2


If the DSL Light is on and the Internet Light is Off or Flashing then,

Update the correct ISP username and password in the modem and also check for VPI , VCI and encapsulation : LLC based


Case 3

If the DSL , Internet and all other lights are normal then ,(make sure your modem is connected directly to your computer and not through a router)

It means that it is a no browsing issue.  Where the culprit could be your computer settings or browser.  In such cases  the first thing to try is to ping a website.  Press windows start button + R to get a run dialog box. Check the below image

Windows key + R




In the run box, type in CMD  and press enter. In the command prompt , Type  ping  and wait for the results. Ideally the results should be Packets sent – 4 , Received – 4 ,  Loss – 0 .  Even after the results are perfect and still your are not able to browse, then reset your browser or try a different browser or computer.

If you see that the packets received is 3 and loss is 1 (the numbers may change) then it clearly indicates that your modem is not able to connect to the server completely. 


How To Fix?


Try to swap the ends of your Ethernet cable or try a different cable and ping Google again, if you get the same result then try to reset TCP / IP .  To reset TCP / IP you need to go to control panel –> Network and Internet —> Network and sharing center —> Change adapter settings (on the left side bar) –> Right click on Local Area Connection –> Properties –> Untick  Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IP V4) and click ok and restart computer.  Once the computer is restarted make sure you go back to local area connection properties and tick Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IP V4) again.




Wait for a minute and then try to open a website, In most cases it should work. If it still doesn’t work then try another computer or a laptop. If everything fails, Don’t wait call your INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER and trouble them ;p

Note: The above method can even help to solve an Invalid IP issue where your IP address would be 169.254.x.x  or in a case where the default gateway is or some random numbers.


If you have any question regarding the above post or if your are facing similar issue, then don’t wait just shoot a question at BleepingTech Forum and I will try my best to answer all your queries


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