Atanium PC Optimization 2011

Many programs are needed in order to keep your computer running smoothly. Regular Windows registry cleaning and maintenance, regular device driver updates, and Internet Security and spyware protection are some of the programs that are necessary to keep your PC healthy, tuned up, fast, stable and also completely secure from Internet threats.

Tracking down and purchasing all of the many PC utilities and Internet security programs individually would be both time-consuming and expensive. Also, mixing and matching different types of PC optimization programs could possibly result in compatibility issues. Luckily, Atanium PC Optimization Suite 2011 is an affordable, all-in-one solution that will speed up your PC, update drivers, fix registry errors and protect your PC from Internet spyware and malware, and it will do much, much more too.

Speed Up Your PC and Increase Overall Computer Performance
No matter how much money you spend on a computer or how much care is exercised while browsing the Internet, your computer will inevitably become sluggish and less responsive when lacking the proper PC utilities. This is not indicative of a low-end system and does not usually constitute a virus, either.

As computers age, they naturally become cluttered with unnecessary files, programs, Spyware and Adware. The amount of time it takes for this to occur depends on both what the PC is primarily used for and its frequency of use. As these problems begin to pile up, PC stability and performance start to decline.

Fix, Clean And Optimize the PC Registry
The loss of PC speed is largely to errors, corruption and unneeded files in the system’s registry. The registry, simply put, is a database the computer uses to locate and execute commands and applications. Unfortunately, to all but the most advanced and savvy of computer users, the registry is nothing more than thousands upon thousands of meaningless character strings. For 99% of people, it is impossible to maintain or clean registry errors manually. PC optimization suite 2011 will optimize pc speed and stability by periodically scanning and correcting problems in your system’s registry.

Internet Security with SpywareRemoval
Atnaium PC Optimization Suite 2011 comes with a wide array of other useful tools. In addition to registry tools, an advanced driver update program and great backup and restore software, Optimization Suite 2011 also includes comprehensive Spyware removal and Malware protection. This combination provides superior PC protection that is second to none. Additionally, all programs offered in the package are remarkably user-friendly.

More PC Utilities for a Real PC Enthusiast

The package also comes with several unique features. PC Application Uninstall Manager carefully removes programs and applications, which helps to cut down on system clutter that many uninstallers neglect to remove. Secure File Delete, another included feature, permanently removes sensitive personal information, substantially reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud.

One of the coolest and most unusual features in the package is File Undelete. This application can actually recover personal files that have been deleted by mistake. Anyone who has ever lost an important file or document in error knows how frustrating it can be.

With Atanium PC Optimization Suite 2011, people can rest assured that their PC is safe and running as quickly as possible. It keeps the registry clean, finds and removes malicious software, updates drivers and protects the user’s privacy. Purchasers of the suite will be able to merrily wave goodbye to slow performance and system crashes forever.

Atanium PC Optimization 2011 (Link Removed: Site no longer working)