One of the most important, but often neglected tasks that a computer owner should perform is data backup. There are many reasons that computer users do not backup files on their computers. Some of them are:

• PC backup is too hard; I really don’t know how to do it.
• File backup is not important because I don’t have anything worth backing up.
• I don’t have time to constantly backup my files; I am very busy.
• Data Backup is too expensive; the programs cost too much.

The folks at Atanium Software understand the reasons why people do not backup files on their computers; they have developed PC Backup and Restore 2011 to assist you when you backup your PC. File backup should not be complicated, so they have developed an intuitive, simple to use interface to simplify the task.

They know that when a person stops and thinks about it, they do have files that are important to them. Family photos, home movies and business documents are important items. However, not every user places the same importance on all files. Therefore, they have designed the program to backup only the file formats that the user wants. Music files, photos and document files can be backed up separately.

Once you have created task to backup your PC, it can be implemented repeatedly by using the scheduling feature of PC Backup and Restore 2011. This program has been designed for busy people: home computer users, home-office entrepreneurs and small-business owners. These people have things to do and places to go. This software automates a very important part of computer maintenance.

Cost should not be a factor that keeps a computer owner from doing regular data backup, either. This simple, easy to use program is also inexpensive. For under $25, priceless photos and important documents are preserved and protected.

Product Link :Atanium Backup and Restore 2011 (Link Removed: Site no longer working)