Microsoft is finally joining the bandwagon and producing its own line of tablet PCs. They are calling their product “Surface,”and this is one of the few times that they are developing their own hardware and software. According to their CEO, Steve Ballmer, “It embodies hardware and software working together.” This has created quite a buzz especially among those whose loyalties stick to the other brands and those whose business involves selling tablet PCs online.

During the major event for the media held at the Milk Studios in Hollywood, California, Microsoft unveiled the newest line of products that are in the works for the company. They showcased what will be the future of Microsoft.For its tablet PC, called “Surface,” there are two variants that were introduced.Both would be running on Windows 8, albeit of different versions. They will be offering the basic and the Pro version. There are major differences between the two, aside from the price. The hardware configuration for the Pro version is more powerful than the basic version. This is probably because Microsoft wants to target not only those with unlimited budget but also those who prefer their hardware pimped up.

The basic version is their entry-level tablet PC that will run on Windows RT on an ARM chipset. This operating system is designed to run on low power that is perfect for tablet PCs’ requirements. The thickness is only 9.3mm and it weighs only 1.5 pounds. This would really be great to bring along anywhere and is perfect for those who are always on the go. This is also the first tablet PC with a vapor-deposited magnesium case. The display on this unit measures 10.6 inches with ClearType HD display although it is not yet know what the resolution will be. The variants for this model will be at 32GB and 64GB.

The Pro version is definitely much better built than the basic version. However, it will not come as a surprise if this will cost much more. The Pro units will be running on Windows 8 Pro and Intel’s 22nm Ivy Bridge chips. As for the form factor, there is a slight difference in the weight and thickness. This unit will be 13.5mm thick and weigh about 1.9 pounds. However, the screen for this unit will be a ClearType Full HD display measuring 10.6 inches. Internal storage for this model is much more at 64GB and 128GB to give you more leeway for your files, movies and music. Both units will feature the optional Touch and Type covers that double as a keyboard and are available in different colors.

The only drawback in this launch is that there are still other points that Microsoft did not tackle like the final price and release dates for the units. This might give those who sell tablet PC online second thoughts on actually marketing it in advance. For consumers, the Microsoft Surface Tablet could be seen as a gadget that will make me think of selling my iPad to change into this. However, until we get all the specific details about the Surface, especially its price, then it still remains to be seen.