word counter
Lets find a way to count the no of words in a document online.no matter if its not a document you can also copy paste your content and check the no of words.My previous post was regarding Editing PDF files online.
The word counter tool is an essential and very useful tool as it lets you count the no of words live.there is also a Microsoft word count tool.
This tool is helpful when you are writing an application that has a word limit.or for student who are too lazy to write ab essay with a minimum word limit of 250 words.(example).I must admit that i was too lazy during my school days for writing essays and i literally used to count the no of words in my essay even during the examination.and i used to wonder if there was some tool to count it.
wordcounttool.com (website down) does the job for you.Here is the word count tool for you.try it.


Have a nice day. Feel free to post in your suggestions,It’s always¬† welcomed