You may need to use some sort of computer away from your home or office. It used to be that your only choice was a laptop. But these days, using an iPad or some other sort of tablet computer is growing in popularity, as are smartphones.So which mobile computing device should you get when it comes to big computing work – a tablet or a laptop?


There is no right or wrong answer; it really depends upon your individual situation and individual preferences. Here are some of the most common things that users are looking for, and what each computer has to offer:


  • Storage space: If you need to have a computer that has a significant amount of storage space, the laptop is the way to go. Many entry-level tablets have just 8G of storage space, with the top tablets having 64G of storage space. Even the most basic laptop generally has 200+Gs of storage space, an amount that leave the tablet in the dust. Advantage:  Laptop
  • Lightness: Most tablet computers are smaller and lighter than the typical laptop, even the ultralight versions. Advantage:  Tablet
  • Flexibility: With a laptop, you can watch DVDs, run CDs, and have outlets for various ports and whatnot. So you can always transfer information, and connect your laptop with something else. With tablets, you may not have any of those options. Advantage:  Laptop
  • Battery life: Generally speaking, tablets have more of a battery life than a laptop. This also means that you won’t have to carry around something to recharge the tablet, if you only need to use it for a few hours. Some laptops need to be recharged in as little as one hour’s use. Advantage:  Tablet
  • Keyboard: With a laptop, you will have a real keyboard. Tablets may have a separate keyboard, but in many cases, the keyboard is on the screen. And frankly, the keyboard on a tablet – no matter which form it is in – doesn’t hold a candle to a laptop. If you spend your day typing away, a laptop may be a more comforting experience.  Advantage:  Laptop
  • Apps:  You can download pretty much every app under the sun with a tablet. Laptops do not have that sort of app flexibility. Instead, you have computer programs, and web surfing. If you want an app to directly give you information instead, a tablet is the way to go. Advantage:  Tablet
  • Software variety: With a tablet computer, you may or may not be able to have the same software as at the office. In some cases, you may have to make do with different software. With a laptop, you can set your computer up to reflect what you have at work. Advantage:  Laptop
  • Camera: If you want to use your computer like a camera, a tablet is the way to go. While you can use a laptop webcam function, it doesn’t work the same as a tablet camera. Advantage:  Tablet


In summary, deciding between the two computing devices is up to you. There are pros and cons to each. Hopefully, this discussion of what they have to offer will help you decide.