While some might have thought that cash registers are here to stay, the time has come for them to go. All the people who are thinking about starting a small or medium business should consider investing in such a system, and all the owners thinking about making a switch ought to think about all the features that this system brings.



Advantages at first sight

The majority of the people have worked with a cash register in high school or during college, so it is easy to see the major advantages. First of all, it is easier to train the employees because the majority of people already know how to operate iOS devices. In case something goes wrong with the hardware, the business owners don’t have to call an expensive technician, so it is less expensive to fix the problems. As another advantage, the business owners also have to think about the utility and flexibility offered by the system.

The POS offers you support

All iPad POS systems can be connected to a credit card reader. Besides this, there are numerous other features that will convince business owners to invest in the system. These include offering support for item-specific tax rates and custom tax rates. By using the system it will become easier to manage special offers, such as reward programs and first visit offers. Additionally, there is support for item management as well along with in-app data reporting.

As it has been mentioned before, it is possible to connect a credit card reader to the system, but there is also the option to add cash drawers, receipt printers, kitchen ticket printers and barcode scanners.

Security and network connectivity

One of the most important criteria that the business owners have to be thinking about is network connectivity. The majority of the systems offer support for Ethernet and Wi-Fi. As added features, they support different levels of security involving backend, network and physical security.

Some people ask themselves the question “What happens if the Wi-Fi goes down?” The truth is that this is always a possibility, but this is why it is important for the businesses to have 3G or 4G internet access so that in case something happens with their internet connection, they won’t have to stop their operations until the problem is fixed.

Using an eco-friendly system

More and more people are concerned about the environment, and this also affects the operations that they have. Although you might think that it is a bit drastic, some of the customers prefer to buy from businesses that can send them digital receipts instead of the traditional printed version. This is something that the iPad POS systems are also able to do. After each purchase the customer has the possibility to choose from a traditional printed receipt or a digital one sent to their email address. Sooner or later the email addresses of the customer will become priceless for businesses because they will be able to use them for marketing purposes.

Even though some might think that the systems use a lot of energy, remember that an iPad doesn’t need a lot of power. The additional hardware that you might have, such as cash drawers and receipt printers, only use energy when they are working, so they are energy-efficient as well.

Using alternative payment methods

By this time you might know that customers can pay by credit card or cash even if the business is using an iPad POS system. However, the list of payment methods doesn’t end here. Lately more and more systems offer the possibility to use mobile payment methods, such as LevelUp and PayPal, for cashless transactions. Bitcoin is also gaining more and more ground, and the companies who wish to keep up with the competition also introduce new features that support this payment method as well.

It is obvious that the new system has a lot of advantages, and one of them is that there are a lot of providers to choose from, such as Shopify, that offer high quality hardware and software.

Offering you more information than ever before

A regular cash register can only tell you how much you have sold of a given item. On the other hand, the iPad POS system is able to keep inventory so that you will receive help to schedule the orders. Besides all this, it also offers business owners statistical data, such as what their most popular items are and at what time of the day they make the most sales.

This information can represent the basis of strategic and operational decisions. In order to make the life of business owners even easier, they can also use the system to track the working hours of their employees and to plan their shifts.