When most people think about managing their website, they often think of the tools that are available on the traditional desktop or laptop.  Well, with the fast growing app market on both the Android and iPhone platforms, there are so many cool apps on the market that can help manage a website of any size.   Whether you run a website that gets 10 visitors a day or one million, here are six apps to help your website run efficiently:


Useful Apps to help your website:


CMS Management – WordPress

For those that run their website on WordPress, this app can help you do everything that you can do on your desktop such as write posts, edit them, add pictures, moderate comments and more.  While it’s not as sophisticated as logging in on the web browser, it’s a great way to make quick fixes on the go.


Analytics Agent

No matter how large your website is, it’s always a good idea to keep track of those visitors coming onto your website.  If your website currently runs Google Analytics, this fantastic app will allow you to read your stats in a easy-to-read mobile format.  If you don’t have any sort of analytics installed yet, I would recommend that you combine this app with the Google platform.


FTP on the Go

FTP on the Go allows you to do everything that you can do on a FTP client on your desktop.  Whether you want to upload a quick file, tweak a file or delete a picture, this is a great mobile friendly FTP client that can get the job done efficiently.  Even if your website solely relies on WordPress, it doesn’t hurt to have this app ready just in case you need to edit a WordPress file.


 Source Viewer

Have you ever come across a website on your phone that you just love?  With Source Viewer, this cool app will allow you to look at the HTML and JavaScript codes.  With that information, you can then pick apart to code and use some of it on your own mobile friendly site.  With so many mobile websites out there, it’s a great way to look under the hood and see what other webmasters are doing.



This app is ideal for those who are thinking about starting up a new website project.  With DomainScout, this nifty app will show you exactly what domains are available on the market today.  With this app, you don’t have to wait until you get home to check out the domain registrars to see what’s available.



For those that run Adsense on their website may find that from time to time they will want to know exactly what they are making for the day.  Instead of logging into the Google interface, this app makes your earnings easy to read.  Available for the Droid, this app is 100% free.