I’m running a locksmith company in Seattle and therefore, I have enough idea about the problems those come in the way of a locksmith. I believe that when there is a problem ,there is a solution too. So, today I have obtained the solution of my work related problems. The main problems are invoice making, service management, customer management, password generations for a locksmith and thanks to applications developers who have provided the solutions of all. We all use the mobile phone in our routine life but what we don’t know is that how useful it along with the applications is. I also didn’t have any idea about this till I checked the web where I find a lot of meaningful applications. Here are 5 mobile apps for locksmith which will surely decrease the work load.


  • Locksmith Connect: It is a suite of software designed for the locksmith convenience. It is effective for both owner and field worker since when a locksmith has installed it on his mobile.He is capable to do his work in a stress free environment. The core program of this application includes automotive technical information, key codes, connect search and questions, master keying, invoice and customer management. Best of all, technical data  is updated on real time basis so every time locksmith open it, he will have latest key codes, key make methodologies, code series, remote programming guide and many more. Check its free trial pack for 30 days.


  • Locksmith Service Order: An easy to use and helpful application that makes the service of a locksmith very comfortable is nothing but Locksmith service order. This application comes from the house of Deluxe. It brings simple checkboxes specific for the auto locksmith with complete description. A locksmith who uses it during his service will be able to perform his job in the accurate and error free manner. It is available free of cost.


  • Locksmith Work Order: It is a perfect work order and invoice application designed for adding cushion into the stressful life of a locksmith. It comprises of electronic forms where a back office worker needs to insert details of labor and material just to get an idea of invoice total. This form is simple to use and one can design a quick invoice and work order through it. Best of all, there is a complete record of every invoice which makes the financial operation of business very smooth.


  • Locksmith Register Forms: A locksmith needs to handle a lot of reports, sale, returns, customer and credit every day. So, the Deluxe developer of mobile applications comes with locksmith register forms which make the accounting process of business very simple. There is a separate form for sale, return, credit and other accounting operation, a locksmith just needs to add entries. This mobile application is available free of cost for windows, blackberry, android and iOS smartphones.


  • Locksmith Password Generator: No doubt, the safety of an access control system and digital safe is dependent on a strong password and thanks to locksmith password generator application, a locksmith is free to make a hard to guess password through it. After creating a strong password, he is free to email it to the customer’s ID.