If you ever find yourself wondering whether our high-tech gadgets make life simpler or more complicated, you are not alone. These computer and smartphone apps are designed to make life simpler by storing and organizing information and letting users access that information through novel ways. From iPads to computers to prepaid Android phones, technology has the ability to simplify daily life for those of us who know how to make it work.



Timr is a handy time tracking app for recording work hours. Timr works on most smartphones, letting users track hours no matter where they have to go. The paid version of Timr has additional features and allows up to 50 users.


ReQall Rover

ReQall Rover for Android is a smart assistant app that determines relevant information to report to the user. Rover can proactively offer a morning summary of scheduled tasks, appointments and weather and traffic updates. The app can comb a full inbox of emails for the ones that require a response and warn users when they are running late for appointments. Rover is in beta and available to a limited number of users.



LastPass is a free password manager app that stores passwords in one place and protects them with a master password. This lets you use many different passwords and avoid problems like phishing scams and hacked accounts. This app works on most computers and smartphones and automatically syncs across devices.



Evernote is a taggable and searchable database in a single free app. It can store links, pictures, text, screenshots and more. Evernote can even search text in images such as pictures of business cards. Evernote is compatible with most computer, tablet and smartphone operating systems.



Dropbox is a cloud storage app that offers 2 GB of free storage space. Any file can be stored in Dropbox and folders can be made public or kept private. Files can be shared with people who do not use Dropbox by simply sharing a link. Dropbox runs on most computers, tablets and smartphones.

With these useful apps, your phone or mobile device can serve as a sort of back-up brain to keep you on task. If you still let obligations slip your mind, forget passwords and never plan ahead for the weather, maybe it is because you are still relying on an organic brain. Your mobile devices can help you feel prepared and informed in your daily life.