Transform Your Garage Using Cool Decorative Stickers
Ever wanted to give a fresh new look to your Garage ?.I’m sure most of us have tried but still it looks so dull. Garage is the only place that most people don’t bother.Its always filled with lots and lots of goods that people don’t use in their day to day life.So if you trying to change its look once and for all then why use the same boring oil paint, when you have loads of other options that can make a statement at the front of your house

Recently my brother was watching Galileo Extreme on Prime BIG CBS and i noticed how those guys transformed an old crappy looking garage into a stunning new place using some cool stickers. It was a real feast to my eyes.I’m sure that if you style your garage in a similar way then definitely it will  leave your neighbours stunned next time they pass the alley in the vicinity of your house.

I wanted to share this idea with my  readers so i started researching on the same topic and finally found StyleYour Garage a German Company which sure is awesomely creative.

Take a look at some of the coolest stickers:
Garage Door Sticker:F1 Car

Garage Door Decoration Stickers: Staircase to hell
Garage Door Decoration Stickers:Big Cat

Garage Door Decoration Stickers:Army Tank

Area 51:Garage wallpaper


Garage Door Sticker:Classic car

Garage Door Decoration Stickers:horse

Garage Door Decoration Stickers:boat

Garage Door Decoration Stickers

Garage Door Decoration Stickers:Army Tank:Manhattan

Garage Door Decoration Stickers:Terrorist Bombs
Garage Door Decoration Stickers:Truck
I hope you guys liked my post. Please feel free to post your comments and let me know which wallpaper from the above list is the best.