10 websites from where Freelancers can earn/Fiver alternatives

jobs for freelancers
My last post was about yippr.com from where you can watch the most popular videos from multiple video sites like youtube,dailymotion,metacafe,yahoo.Today i’m back with another post which will help freelancers to earn money online.
Freelancers are searching out new ways to earn money online.Fiverr.com was one such site where people could earn money just by completing the task.but soon after fiverr was launched many fiverr clones came into the market.and these clones offers features than fiverr.I had tried fiverr some time ago but i had no time to dedicate.I hope the below list will help freelancers to earn some real cash.
List of websites for freelancers
  • www.fiverr.com
  • www.tenbux.com
  • www.uphype.com
  • www.dealerr.com
  • www.shorttask.com
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