Without a doubt, iPhones are jam-packed with amazing features, latest operating systems and fast processors which make it a multi-functional device. Even with the advent of several new smartphone models from the leading manufacturers in the industry, Apple still maintains its share in the market with its features that is just difficult to outdo by other smartphones.

iphone accessories

However, in spite its usefulness, iPhone owners can still enhance their iPhones further with accessories that will boost the features or protect the phone from wear and tear. This 2012, a new range of these accessories are out in the market which will certainly be worth the additional for your treasured iPhone

  • Otterbox iPhone Case – If you acquired an iPhone to keep up with your outgoing and active lifestyle, you might as well get this one for your phone. This case can protect your iPhone from destructive bumps, drops and scratches. With this case on your iPhone, your beloved device will be able to keep up with your active lifestyle.
  • Dry Case – Your iPhone is an essential device that you need to carry everywhere you, even to your beach holidays or summer outings to a resort. Being near the water will necessitate an ample water-proof protection for your iPhone that this dry case can certainly provide.
  • Mophie Juice Pack Air – One of smartphone’s dilemma which iPhone is not exempted from is the battery life that just can’t seem to keep up with its owner’s usage. Mophie Juice Pack Air comes in a slim case with a rechargeable battery which can extend iPhone’s battery life up to twice its capacity.
  • Plantronics Bluetooth Headset – Bluetooth headset is a necessity not only in iPhones but with other smartphones as well. Aside from convenience, it also provides as a safety tool for drivers who need to answer a hands-free call. This brand however, is very much capable of giving crystal clear sound free from noise or disturbances.
  • Beats Noise Isolating Headphones – iPhones are known for their humongous internal memory which allows users to store as many mp3s as they like. What better way to listen to their choice of music than with an amazing headphones carried by none other than Beats, that will let users enjoy their music in their own world.
  • Privacy Protection Films – Navigating your iPhone in public can tempt people nearby to peek at your amazing device. You can have the privacy that you need from those prying eyes with these privacy protection films. If put into your iPhone, no one can have a clear view of its screen from the side.
  • Fisheye Lens – While the iPhone already has amazing camera features which makes picture taking a great experience, iPhone owners can even get a better shot with actual lens. For more impressive shots, consumers will not regret getting the Fisheye Lens as an additional accessory for their iPhone.
  • Universal Remote Control – We may consider remote controls as devices that makes our life easy but what if we can get more convenience by having a single device that can remotely control other appliances? That’s what we can get with this Universal Remote Control. By having this accessory any iPhone device will turn into a universal remote which saves you from the need to maintain separate remote controls for every device.
  • iHome Stereo Mini Speakers – Having a great music listening experience does not have to involve pressuring your ear lobes all the time with headphones. The iHome Stereo Mini Speakers will let you and other enjoy your sounds with excellent quality.
  • Optamo Pico Pocket Projector – Having an iPhone also means having a great collection of images and videos. You can share these media with others without having to squash each other while trying to get a decent view in your iPhone’s screen with the Optamo Pico Pocket Projector.
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