10 Killer Science Apps for Your Smartphone

10 Killer Science Apps for Your Smartphone

 If you love science, it’s likely you have spent a significant amount of time searching app stores for great science apps with interesting facts and fun games. This article will discuss 10 killer apps for your smartphone.


WolframAlpha — This app solves math problems, brings up economic data from all over the world, and compares weights of astronomically huge items to familiar things and people.

Compatible with: Apple iOS, Google Android, $3.99 to download.


Shark Net — Follow every tail swipe of more than a dozen sharks being tracked. Complete with bios, pictures and videos of all sharks.
Compatible with: Apple iOS, free to download.


Seafood Watch — Contains a sushi guide so the user can find more viable ways to eat seafood without actually eating certain species.

Compatible with: Apple iOS, Google Android, free to download.


The Night Sky — Find answers to all your questions about stars, planets, constellations and more. This app comes with an optional add-on package detailing celestial objects and artificial satellites, which is like using a biological compound microscope to help you see things far in space.

Compatible with: Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows 8, free – $0.99 to download.


Leafsnap — Identify trees with visual recognition software that can identify trees by their leaves. Put a leaf on a fully white background and Snap It!

Compatible with: Apple iOS, with a Google Android version under development, free to download.


ISS Detector — Find out when the International Space Station and Iridium flares will be visible where you live.

Compatible with: Google Android, free to download.


iRecycle — Lets the user know where, when and how to recycle almost anything using just their zip code, current location, address or city.

Compatible with: Apple iOS, Google Android, free to download.


iBird — Depending on the version you buy, avid bird enthusiasts can learn about thousands of kinds of birds and which territories they live in.

Compatible with: Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows, free – $15 to download.


F-Sim Space Shuttle — The user gets to enjoy simulations of flying in NASA’s shuttle fleet with increasing difficulties.

Compatible with: Apple iOS, Google Android, $3.99 to download.


DragonBox — Fun and interesting ways to help teach players to solve difficult math problems.

Compatible with: Apple iOS and OS X, Google Android, Microsoft Windows, $6 to download.

Author: Hayley

Hayley is an amateur scientist, author and blogger residing in Portland Oregon. She recommends the use of a biological compound microscope when conducting scientific research in the home, school or lab.

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  1. worst list of apps i have ever seen – there are numerous better science apps – whoever put his together needs a talking to about quality of work. if you are not interested in this stuff then dont get involved – really annoyed me this has.

    • Thanks for your feedback david. The post was published by my colleague. I will surely do the needful

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