Unable to Drag and Drop Widgets After WordPress 3.5 Upgrade?

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Upgrading to the latest version is what people do as soon as a new update is available. Similarly I had upgraded WordPress to 3.5 as soon as it was released without even thinking that it may create problems for me .  To make things worse i did not even back up my blog (I would never do such a mistake again).


Unable to Drag and Drop Widgets After WordPress 3.5 Upgrade?


I’m using  Resizable Theme from Theme Junkie for my blog which is an awesome theme but after the upgrade I had to face a lot of problems with my WordPress Dashboard.  At first i thought, it might be because the update had some bugs in it and did wait for  the next update i.e 3.51. Though it fixed some known bugs after upgrading to WP 3.51 but I  still not able unable to drag and drop widgets and had to forcefully enable accessibility mode.


After researching a lot, I found the solution to my problem and thought of sharing it with my readers. This solution might help many bloggers but not everyone.

How To Fix ?

Install  Use Google Libraries  Plugin.

That’s it. Such a simple solution fixed my problem. Try it and do let me know via comments.


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Author: Anish Sangamam

My bio goes beyond Studies, More precisely, I am a Part time blogger. My mission is simple, To connect with people and to help them.

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  • lasitha

    thanks for the tip ..,

  • Udey Sethi

    This really works. Thanks.

    • Glad it helped you Udey.. Kindly share and help others as well.

  • Alex

    Works perfectly! Thanks for your tip!

  • Prabhjeet

    WOW! You are life saver. Perfect Solution. 😀

    • Your welcome Prabhjeet, I’m glad it helped

  • Actually I had the same problem with an earlier version of WordPress the other day, in this case I narrowed it down to the Wordfence plugin: deactivating that meant I could drag’n’drop again.

    • Yes sometimes plugins conflict with each other and cause problems.

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