When it comes to do-it-yourself home projects or even hands-on business efforts, having the right tools is necessary. And for similar jobs, the cordless drill is a must have for any tool bag. But when it is time to choose the best cordless drills, it is necessary to understand which cordless drills are the best. 
This choice of investment may seem to be overwhelming; there is no reason to fret. We have compiled a list of top 10 drills on the basis of quality, performance and features. 
Let’s know about some of the best and most popular cordless drills.
1. DeWalt DCD760KL
Again and again, since the original release, the consensus found DeWalt DCD760KL to be the highest rated cordless drill. It’s much because of its sturdy construction, power and long haul lifetime. It is the ideal workhorse for those who need a reliable and strong drill. 

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2.Milwaukee 2602-22 M18

Milwaukee 2602-22 M18 is also claiming the top spot in the world of cordless drills. This model is one of Milwaukee’s finest and boasts of its high durability, design and function. 

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3. Bosch 26618-01
Bosch 26618-01Bosch 26618-01 is high-powered impact drills, which are capable of producing 1,500 pounds of torque. The power available makes every task possible. With this model Bosch is now claiming the title of the most powerful wireless, multi-function impact drill on the market. 

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4. Makita BDF451 LXT

Makita’s LXT BDF451 is a good choice for almost any kind of work. Enjoy the 18-volt power along with three speed metal transmission. There are fewer complaints when it comes to drills like Makita BDF451 LXT.

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5. RIDGID ZRR8600 8K

Coming to the middle of the list, Ridgid ZRR8600 8K is among some of the best cordless drills in the market. Known for the contributions it has made to the industry, Ridgid sZRR8600 is an excellent cordless drill for both homeowners and the contractors. 

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6. Craftsman C3 17310

The Craftsman 17310 C3 has 19.2-volts of power, but it is designed with a very sensible mix of power and comfort in mind. Drill and drive with high precision and a fine-tuned 24-hour mode torque control. 

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7. DeWalt DCD710S2

The DeWALT-DCD710S2 is another well made cordless drill. This model is more casual, DIY and is a perfect cordless drill for home improvement projects. 

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8. Hitachi DS18DSAL

Enjoy this great all-around performer, Hitachi DS18DSAL. Running with lithium-ion batteries at 18 volts, this cordless drill is good for jobs around the house. 

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9. Hitachi DS12DVF3
This model is among great drills available in the market. Enjoy the torque of 230 in. / Lbs from a 22-stage clutch system. The drill has a 12-volt Nickel-Cadmium battery and has the capacity of doing many robust jobs. It comes with a non slip grip, adjustable belt hook and a reliable 5 year warranty from the manufacturer. 

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10. Craftsman Nextec 91430
The Craftsman 91430 Nextec is a new generation do-it-yourself machine. The drill is sleek, ergonomic and lightweight with a 12-volt battery. The drill can produce a torque of 195 in. / Lbs. Drill or drive almost anything at home with this wonderful drill from Craftsman. 

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This is the list of top ten favourites among the industry’s best drills. Pick one of them and get your projects turned out in no time using these drills.