Windows 8 Fix:This app can’t open check the windows store for more info

Today while checking my email using windows 8 mail app , I got this error: ” This app can’t open check the windows store for more info “.  Then I noticed that apart from mail app, the others including Messaging,Maps,Skydrive, Photos,Videos,Games, Sports,News are all suffering from the same error.  All the apps has a cross icon at the corner. I was quite confused about the same but finally figured out that solving this problem is very easy. 


windows app error



Solution for This app can’t open check the windows store for more info”


  •  Click on “Go to the store”




  • And you see a message “This app needs to be repaired”  as there is a problem with that particular app and you need to reinstall it
  • So please click on install and the problem is solved.

Conclusion: Reinstalling the app would definitely fix the problem. Do let me know if this solution has helped you or not.


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Author: Anish Sangamam

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  1. NO. This doesn’t help. I’m not doing this 120 times; once for each app.
    Don’t quit your day job, Captain Obvious

    • I agree with you Smer. Right now this is only solution that i know. I will update an alternate way soon

  2. This does not work. I tried “go to the store” and it did not say that. This did not happen on my sister’s Toshiba (windows 8 too) because she can download apps, no problem. I’d like a solution that works.


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