PhotoDropper: Easily Find Free Images using WordPress Plugin

Searching for free images for your WordPress blog is a big challenge. Of-course, You can find free images on flickr by doing an advanced search by checking “Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content”, Free photos bank, Free digital photos, Morguefile, Openphoto and some others or you can click your own pictures but finding images will only take more time may be even more than writing the content ๐Ÿ˜› (kidding)

As you all know, plugins are a WordPress users best friend. Fortunately, we have one such WordPress Plugin for finding Fast,Easy and free Images from withing WP.

The plugin is called PhotoDropper andย  they say that there are 62,538,143 free photos and you can search all of them from within your WordPress site

Steps to Install the plugin:

  • In your WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins and click add new
  • Search “PhotoDropper” and Install the plugin

photo Dropper


  • Go to Add New Post and then click on the small balloon icon

photodropper settings


  • Please check the correct options when it asks whether you make money from your site and do accept the terms and conditions to continue


hotodropper search

  • Now you will be able to search through free to use images. photodropper gallery


The best part of the plugin is that its absolutely free to download.Now you don’t have to waste time searching for images when you have all you need within WordPress

Take a quick look at the YouTube video about PhotoDropper.



Do let me know if you liked this article. You can try using PhotoDropper and let me know if you liked the plugin by commenting below.

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Author: Anish Sangamam

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  1. Well, this is an important plugin to me, because it is difficult to find freeware images over the net! Thanks for sharing this wonderful plugin and post!

  2. Wow! This is an awesome plugin. Now with this plugin, finding free images will be a breeze. Well, they also have the premium images, which will be useful for professionals. Watched the video, it’s really good. Thanks for sharing and tweeted ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey Nizam, Good to see you back again. Yes the plugin quickly searches free images and would definitely save time

  3. Thanks for sharing this plugin. This is really helpful. I usually get my images from But the options are usually limited. I’m definitely going to try this out.

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