Importance of Data Backup Plan

Data and information is important to anyone who works with a computer. From banks to small businesses create thousands of documents, spreadsheets and databases storing them in a network or a computer hard drive. Backup is hardly the priority when business demands more of your time and output, and there are some who just simply uses the computer and say “why do I need to back up? I have paid top notch antivirus, I bought the best computer with the biggest hard drive my money could buy and I don’t go to any malicious websites. Who needs to back up? It’s just wasting my hard drive space”. Hardly most common users do not see the importance of getting a data backup plan and its reasons why we should get one now.

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Why should we backup our data?

Viruses – These are small programs designed to do specific tasks which may include but not limited to gathering or stealing data, deleting data and gain access to the computer to control it in any way the virus creator wants it to. Viruses do more harm than good to the user and in majority of the cases, it renders to computer unusable. The only way technicians can repair it without spreading the virus is wipe out the whole hard drive causing imminent data loss. Without data backup plans, restoring your files after the driver wipe will be a slow and tedious process. Some companies who had virus attacks and no data backup plans suffered losses and ultimately closed.

Loss or Theft – Gadgets like smart phones and laptops are hot commodities. Almost everybody has one and a lot are looking at buying one or getting another for business. There is always the risk of leaving one at the coffee shop or the restaurant and it is very hard to be always on the lookout for thieves and burglars. Most often than not, you lose not just the phone or laptop but also the documents and pictures you have in it. Most of our data are irreplaceable like pictures from a recent vacation or a business contract from a recently closed deal. Insurance can replace your gadget but not the contents of it. A good data backup plan goes beyond security; it restores what matters for you.

Hardware failure and Disasters – It is hard to predict when an earthquake will occur or when a fire starts, and it is more difficult to predict when your hard drive or any electronic parts of your computer will fail. Even simple flooding inside the house can cause problems when it hits your computer. Anything that can cause your hard drive discs to be unreadable will result to data loss. Having a working and reliable data backup in Perth and backing up your files daily reduces your concerns when these calamities occur. You can focus on restoring your computer or home first and then your files later on.

User Errors – improper shut down, accidental deletion, improper use of clean up software and downloading/visiting websites with malicious software can cause data loss and even crash your computer. Not all computer users are computer experts and some actions they make can cause some damage without them knowing. We cannot restrict everyone from using it especially if they are staff for work or your child wanting to play. The computer has been a tool in our life for all ages and it would be rude not to let someone use it. What we could do is to make sure we have a data backup plan in case problems arising from these occur.

Several problems can arise while using a computer and there could be more than what was mentioned above. What is important is that you have a backup plan to secure and protect our precious information and be able to access them when the need arise.

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