What is Ping Rate?

Ping rate is the total time taken for the data to reach  the server and then back to your system. Ping rate above 100ms is high. Ping is usually measured in milliseconds. Low ping is always preferable as high ping will ruin your gaming experience. This problem is mainly faced by the BSNL users (Indian ISP) because the distance to the server is more.If you suffer from high ping, even though the server is close to your place then you need to upgrade your internet plan.

The main advantage of low ping is that you can play online games without any problem. you can easily play games like Counter Strike, MW3, Battlefield 3  without getting kicked out from the server. You can check your ping rate at www.speedtest.net.

My internet connection is slow and ping rates are usually 80ms. I can play counter strike online without any problems after I tweaked my settings. 

How to reduce ping

What Contributes to High Ping ?

  • Your distance from the server.  If you are playing counter strike online and the server is located in the US, then you get ping above 250+. The reason is because its really far away from your place. So always try to choose local servers.
  • Reliable Connection: If you connection is not stable you find see that the ping keep fluctuating to a great extend. This usually is a problem with ADSL or ADSL2+ connections. ISP’s like BSNL, Optus, Tesltra everyone has this issue and they don’t care to do anything about it.
  • Bandwidth:  Make sure that you are not downloading movies,videos or songs while gaming.
  • Internet Connection: If your connection is fast enough , its good for you as the ping would be lower
  • Internet Security Suite: It keeps scanning all the incoming and outgoing packets thus will slow you down. You can turn if off whenever your gaming.
  • Choose the best DNS servers for an improved browsing and gaming experience.

Now as you know the reason that constitutes to high ping, we need to work on ways to fix it. First of all scan your computer with a good antivirus.  Get genuine Avast Internet Security Suite key valid for 3 yearsDownload CCleaner and clean your temp files and registry.


How do we fix ?

A smart way to lower your ping is by making sure that the packets are sent and received at high priority. There are a number of ways to do it.

Download: Leatrix Latency Fix Once the file is downloaded, you need to install it with administrative privileges and restart your computer.  Now you may play games with a reduced ping . If in future you need to uninstall Leatrix, just run the remove script .

Another method is by making a few changes in the registry. This is not a sure fix but you can try it out.  This is called Nagle algorithm.
  • Click on start and type run or Press the windows key + R
  • In the run box, type Regedit
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE > SYSTEM >CurrentControlSet > Services > Tcpip > Parameters > Interfaces

Browse the items under the interfaces till you find an IP address matching your LAN ip (usually192.168.1.1) To Find your IP address just type ipconfig in cmd (Command prompt). To open command prompt, Go to start -> All Programs -> Accessories –> Command Prompt

  • Right click on the interface and select new > DWORD (32 bit) value.Name it “TcpAckFrequency” . Now right click on the new “TcpAckFrequency” value and select modify, enter 1 (Make sure Hexadecimal radio button is selected)
  • Right click on the interface and select new >  DWORD (32 bit) value. Name it  “TCPNoDelay” ( Its case sensitive: TCP is all in upper case). Right click on the new “TCPNoDelay” value, select modify and enter 1 (Make sure Hexadecimal radio button is selected)
  • Both TcpAckFrequency and TCPNoDelay should show up in the adapter’s property list with types REG_DWORD and values 0×00000001.
  • Exit Regedit and restart your computer.

To understand ping better go to http://www.pingtest.net . It will measure packet loss, ping and jitter.

You can also download a program called Gamebooster to shutdown unnecessary system processes to improve performance. Try to temporarily disable antivirus, WiFi, torrents, downloads etc while gaming. Make sure your WiFi is off as well.

If none of these suggestions work and before your curse me, you may need to change your ISP. Try to do some research on them. Make sure their network is good because no matter what if their network is crap your ping will be definitely high.

Also, check your internal wiring especially for an ADSL connection. Make sure you replace them as it will definitely help. Enjoy playing online games.Hope this tutorial helped you people

CAUTION: This information is for users with good knowledge about computers. Playing around with your registry can seriously harm your computer so make sure your do it correctly.