Snapdeal’s Trustpay and its Hidden Terms

Snapdeal is one of India’s top online shopping websites. If you do a google search using the keyword “Top 10 shopping sites in india” , you will find Snapdeal in the top 5 spots.  I have purchased a lot of items from Snapdeal and the experience is somewhat okay. I would give them a 2.5 / 5 considering my shopping experience with them. (Note: My rating is not based on 1 particular purchase).

To begin with, Snapdeal does not have direct control over the products sold on their website.  Anyone can sell on Snapdeal hence, its somewhat like ebay.  You need to extremely careful before purchasing a particular product also make sure you read the terms and conditions. Don’t just rely on online reviews as now a days its mostly paid reviews.

Below is the screenshot of some of my purchases at Snapdeal.

Snapdeal orders

Trustpay Hidden Terms

If you read information on Trustpay on Spandeal’s website on the first look you will be happy and also feel confident. Any first time buyer would blindly purchase a product thinking about the Trustpay guarantee.


One needs to read the return process and other conditions before ordering a product.  Especially if you are ordering any electronic product.  Trustpay does not offer refund on electronics but it may replace the product if there is any manufacturing defect.

Please read these question and answers before you order a product from Snapdeal.  For your  convenience, I have listed some important points that you can read .

  1. Electronic items cannot be returned in case of not being happy with the product.
  2. Innerwear, lingerie cannot be returned
  3. If the product value is less than Rs. 1000, refund will only be provided as SD (Snapdeal Cash) Cash.
  4. Replacements are subject to product availability
  5. In case they are not able to arrange a reverse pickup,  You will have to arrange it on your own but Snapdeal will only refund Rs 400 in SD cash which can used to purchase products from their website.
  6. Make sure you email Snapdeal within 2 days in case the product is faulty or does not fit the description or you may be not eligible for a replacement.
  7. Do not discard the original packaging as soon as your receive the product.
  8. You can return the product when you are not happy with the product quality not when you dont like the product.

You may read other important information via the below links:


In my next blog post, I will writing about my recent shopping experience with Snapdeal. I will be writing about the entire process and the important factors to consider before ordering a particular product.