5 Best Apps for Watching TV on an Android

Whether you love serial crime dramas like NCIS or laugh-out-loud sitcoms such as Seinfeld, there’s an app that lets you watch your favorite television shows right from your Android device. Catch your favorite episodes from your smartphone or enjoy the larger screen of your tablet. Install one or more of these apps, most of which offer you endless entertainment for absolutely no price.



Best Apps for Watching TV


1. HBO Go

HBO’s smash success Game of Thrones is just one of the shows that the channel offers to subscribers via its Android app. You can also watch True Blood and The Sopranos on your tablet or phone with this app. It’s free, if you already subscribe to HBO with your cable provider. HBO Go includes some of the company’s movie productions as well, so you’re sure to get a few hours of entertaining out of it.


2. Netflix

Netflix doesn’t limit you to just one company’s offerings. The service offers plenty of popular series for your enjoyment. Are you a fan of Family Guy? Do you love The Guild? Perhaps The Walking Dead is more up your alley. There’s something for everyone available on Netflix’s Android app, and you can add flicks to your watch list from your phone and watch it on your TV later.


3. Crackle

Sony’s entertainment app is great for television shows and movies. The free app gives you access to the company’s TV shows, including Seinfeld and Sanford and Son. Animated serials like Iron Man make this a good choice for watching shows with the family, too, or keeping your children entertained while you deal with the real world.


4. TV.com

As the name suggests, this app lets you watch TV shows on your Android smartphone or tablet. TV.com features content from networks such as CBS, CW and ET. It even includes broadcasts from CNET, if that’s your thing. TV.com’s app lineup includes NCIS and Rules of Engagement. What makes this app stand out from the rest is that you don’t have to pay a single fee..


5. Google Play

Watch your favorite episodes of your number-one show directly from Google’s marketplace. Entire series are available for a fraction of the price of the DVD box set. Google will even give you new episodes for your already-purchases series, if those series are in the process of airing. You can skip the entire series and simply pay for a single episode, too.


Did you already watch television shows from your Android phone? I hope your liked the above mentioned best apps for watching TV. Also do let me us which shows are you most excited to see on your phone?


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  1. I like your blog post very much. I will take some idea and knowledge from your post about The Android Application development. Thanks for share this valuable post.

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  2. Thanks for sharing these! I haven’t tried any of these apps because I’m pretty much covered with DISH Remote Access. I do plan on trying the ones you mentioned though. DRA is my favorite app to use because it works with the Sling Adapter one of the gals I work with at DISH got me not too long ago. It allows me to watch all of my shows from home, live or from off my DVR, anywhere I go in the world. I travel a lot for business too, so it’s especially nice to have when I’m half way across the country and all of my shows are airing! :)

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