All You Need To Know About Windows 8 – Video Review

Windows 8 is the newest and the most advanced operating system Microsoft has ever created. A lot of people, regular and advanced users alike, have a lot of questions regarding this new operating system. It has been the bulk of technological press lately and it has got a lot of people really excited for the operating system to be released. Here is some of the information regarding it. Take a sneak peek on Windows 8 

High End Mouse and Keyboard
Windows 8 is so great that Microsoft had to create a new line up of mice and keyboards. The package, as of the moment, contains three different mice and two different keyboards that are compatible with Bluetooth. These devices were carefully manufactured by Microsoft’s hardware division. The wedge keyboard is mobile and very sleek. The device is so small that it is meant to be portable. It has a flexible material around it that you can place it on tablet stands if you have one. It runs via 2 triple A batteries. The battery compartment is also used as a grip for holding it. The mouse is the smallest mouse ever! It is tiny and wedge shaped as well and it will literally fit in your pocket. The mouse will turn on when you turn on your tablet and it will turn off when you turn off your tablet as well. Super interactive indeed!

Internet Explorer 10
This was the browser made and dedicated for the OS. The browser has been modified from its last version so that CSS3 and HTML5 technologies are compatible. The browser is fast and more features will be added once the real Windows 8, not the preview version, is released.

Fast Boot Time
The previous windows version never booted as fast as Windows 8. There are better resource allocations for the applications and that is why restarting and booting up is very fast. In fact, it is just like unlocking a device.

Dynamic Desktop
The advanced desktop allows users to access all the applications needed with a slide and snap. Simply touch the application you want and it will open. Multi tasking is very easy as well. You can easily rearrange the items on the left panel so that you can swap from app to app in an easy manner. The tiles on the home screen can be pinned and unpinned and you can choose the tiles you want to see upon booting up your PC or tablet. For example, you can choose to see email updates right away upon opening your PC as well with weather and news updates.

A Better Search Function
Upon clicking on the start button, you can automatically start typing any application name you want and the app will show right away. Anything inside your system will show right away. Searching for different applications has been made easier. The search is easy and fast as well.

As you can see, Windows 8 was very well researched. Each little detail was created to perfection. The only problem is that it isn’t released yet! This is definitely something to watch out for.

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