5 Easy Steps to Detect What WordPress Theme a Site is Using

WordPress started off as just a simple, intuitive way of creating and managing a blog, but soon flourished into a huge platform where anyone, regardless of their programming skills, can create an entire website and run their own business.

An extremely impressive system born out of the wish for elegance and primarily focusing on user experience, WordPress completely redefined user experience when it comes to giving anyone a great chance of managing the content of their choice online in a fast, intuitive manner. Additionally, by using this excellent online tool, you get the option to become part of a broad, forward oriented community that organizes worldwide events like WordCamp, with the purpose of educating more people about WordPress. All in all, an amazing experience.

However, even first-class platforms like this one are not free of small difficulties brought on by the sheer volume of available information. Take, for example, searching for a plugin in the vast collection of similar tools, or looking for a specific WordPress theme, after seeing it applied to a different website. The process can get a little daunting and time-consuming but have no fear, we are here to help you out! You are about to learn how to find what WordPress theme any site is using instantly and for free. Let’s take a look at the simple process.

Even Though It Starts Off Easy…

  • The first thing you have to do is open the website you fell in love with right in your internet browser and admire it again and again, I know it’s tempting to browse it forever, but don’t forget, this is only the first step, so let’s continue!

sony homepage

  • Next, you should take note of the site’s URL. This is situated on the top of your web browser window. Once you find it, you should select and copy this link.

sony website

  • Using a WordPress Theme Detector Makes It Even Easier. Visit the website theme detectors like wpthemedetector.com,  whoiswp.com. Once you access it, you will see a search box right on the homepage.

Whoiswp banner 2

  • All you have to do is paste the address you copied before in this box.

Whoiswp banner 1

  • Finally, simply hit the Search button and you will be able to view a display of all the information you might find useful about the chosen website’s WordPress theme, including the theme’s author, version, and active plugins.

That concludes the process of detecting what WordPress theme any site is using. A pretty intuitive and easy process thanks to modern technology that can basically enable anyone to do anything, provided you know where to go on and what tools to use. This will hopefully offer you a shortcut to choosing a theme and helpful plugins for your website’s every need.  Enjoy, and good luck enhancing your online enterprise!

Author: Dan Malek

Dan Malek's favorite game is The Sims because he likes to always come up with the most interesting design concepts for not only rooms and homes, but also the game's characters so as to make each of their personalities stand out through their individual style. When it comes to websites "it's the same", he sais, "finding the right look ties everything together and brings all your ideas to life in an original way." He is also the creator of Whoiswp

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